Buck Rogers 70s Vintage t-shirt iron-on transfer Original Authentic retro diy American fashion nos

  • 9500

What's up Buck, Gil Gerard in this Rare Buck Rogers 70s Vintage t-shirt iron-on transfer nos retro tee patch, 1000+ titles rock to hot rods, a huge retro diy american fashion collection here.

Remember, we have 1000+ titles so please look at our other sections such as 70s Rock n Roll, Movies, Hot Rods, Cartoons and more. 

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As always, all original stock, not a remake in the lot.

*We will be listing more items daily and weekly when possible (1200+ titles coming soon!)
*More boxes unopened since the 1970s and 80s full of surprises to be sure.
*Wholesale lots of 50-1000+ units are available (see our listings)
*Limited quantities, when gone, they are gone!
*We use a home iron for ours but recommend kids not try that at home, please use a professional. ;)

*Have a store? We are wholesalers of 1960s Vintage Fashion as well. Let's talk!


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