Book: Vintage T-Shirts: MORE THAN 500 AUTHENTIC TEES FROM THE '70S AND '80S

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Hey guys,

We love t-shirts, right? It's why some of us spend time in a side-hustle, just like this.

I wanted to share a little story and a clients book. See, we are asked often to scour our collection for specific or rare relics of fashion for many various reasons. Maybe someone wanting to recreate an old photo. In this case, typically someone sends us the image and says "hey, do you have this shirt?" In other cases, it may be a movie set requiring 75 shirts for extras in a high school scene set back in the day.

After all, the birthright of our stock comes directly from a fashion library and prop house that provided inspiration for entertainment and production companies, designers from brands we all know today as Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger who might want to recreate a t-shirt line. Happens routinely. That said, we also have folks that approach us who are creating books to capture their vision of a specific fashion trend.

We've listed books in the past and we will continue to. Here's another one. Hope you like it.


Vintage T-Shirts is a phenomenal celebration of the ever-popular t-shirt, which brings together old favorites from the 1970s and 1980s. With more than 500 uncommon examples, this book documents history by examining this ubiquitous and affordable article of clothing. 

You can find a copy here:


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