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VINTAGE IRON ON BUYER | You Sell or Consign.

There are lots of helpful stories out there for how to buy vintage t-shirt iron on transfer, like this article showcases in the Rolling Stone. But where can you sell your vintage iron ons when you find a stash or treasure trove? The answer is We will buy, sell and consign authentic (no remakes, sorry!) vintage 1960s to 1990s retro heat transfers for the t-shirt fashionista and collectors too.

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Okay, so you have vintage t-shirt iron-on heat transfers and want to know where and how to sell them? We'd like to take a look. Simply contact us and tell us what you have and about how many. Even telling us how many inches tall your stack is helpful. 

Just like some of the people that write in, they ask if we can buy their vintage stock. The answer is typical, yes. 


"I was going through my grandpa's things and found a box of vintage t-shirt iron on transfers, do you know a vintage buyer?" 

"My dad stashed boxes in the garage. We opened them and found 1000's of these iron-ons. Will you buy them from us?" 

After a brief call or set of emails, we come to terms on a price that we both approve of. In some cases, someone may want to test the waters and sell just a few or try consignment, and that's okay too. We pay on the spot when a deal is made.

In either case, we will ask that you send us the items you wish to sell, we will add your stock to our website, and when it sells send you a check. It's that simple!

We enjoy buying and selling vintage transfers from the 1960-1990s, tee-shirt iron ons have really helped us enjoy the culture of rock n roll for decades now. We are so thankful and grateful for the opportunity to serve you and this culture in this way. We've been doing it so long we are shocked the 1990s are now vintage., Buy, Sell, and Consign vintage heat transfers.
What do you have in your attic?

Stay safe out there and remember to have fun!

Cheers, peace, and love.

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